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No Jail for Marijuana in 2019?

There are new laws coming this year.  I do think that in this new year, the new DA has stated that he’s gonna work with law enforcement agencies to make it so that if someone is charged or found to be in possession of marijuana, at a small level. Full Transcript Hey guys, Trey Porter […]

Texas Open Container Laws

It’s hot in Texas. Walk into any Valero around 5:00 p.m. one afternoon, and it’s not uncommon to see folks buying beers…

Avoid DWI during Fiesta

It’s not illegal to drink and drive. It’s illegal to drink, get intoxicated, and then drive. It’s nearly impossible to celebrate…

DWI While Visiting San Antonio

San Antonio is one of the most visited cities in Texas. While some visitors do not drive or rent a vehicle while here, many …

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