Failing a Drug Test on Probation

Trey Porter

January 12, 2018 • 3 min read

What Happens if You Fail a Drug Test on Probation?

A failed drug test while on probation can result in a warrant for your arrest, jail time, additional probation time, additional terms and conditions, more money, and a conviction.

Two Paths to Probation

If you are on probation in Texas, one of two things has happened:

    1. You received Deferred Adjudication and are serving a probation term. Successful completion will result in your case being dismissed and no conviction appearing on your record (go here to find out more about potentially “sealing” your record); or
    2. You received some type of sentence for your offense and that sentence has been probated for a period of time (for example, you may have been sentenced to 6 months in the county jail, but the sentence is probated for a period of 18 months).

Drug Testing on Probation

Everyone on probation in Texas is susceptible to being drug tested. Sometimes the judge orders random or regular drug testing. However, a probation officer may test any at any time for any reason.

While conditions will vary from county to county, in Bexar County probationers are not allowed to drink alcohol – even if you’re over 21 years old, and even if you’re on probation for something that has nothing to do with drugs or alcohol.

So, when you get “drug” tested in San Antonio, they’re also testing for that Lone Star or glass of wine you had last night.

Probation sucks.

Ignition Interlock, SCRAM, & Smart Start Mobile

In addition to your other terms and conditions, you might have a monitoring device like the ones listed above. The consequences for skipping one of these tests, or having a high or positive reading from one of these devices is just as bad as failing a drug test.

What Happens if a Violation Report is Submitted?

In Bexar County, Violation Reports are handled differently from court to court. Some judges are more lenient than others. If you know your probation officer is going to submit a violation report to the court, you need to contact an attorney ASAP.

Motion to Revoke Probation

A failed drug test or Violation Report from a monitoring device can result in a Motion to Revoke Probation (MTR). Once an MTR is filed, a warrant is issued for your arrest.

This sucks for a number of reasons, the first of which is that you are not immediately notified. It requires you to post another bond, which means more time and more money.

A warrant for your arrest can also result in another trip to the Bexar County Magistrate office. They’ve really earned their 1.8-star rating on Google.

Bad situations like this can be made better by hiring someone that has experience in these situations. Click here to read more about MTRs and then give me a call.

Failed Drug Test Consequences

If the State doesn’t file an MTR in your case, the friendly folks at the probation department may make a recommendation to add additional terms and conditions of your probation.

This could mean taking regular drug tests instead of every-now-and-then drug tests. It could also mean having an ankle monitor like the SCRAM device that costs a lot of money and really limits your wardrobe options, as well as measuring your perspiration for alcohol 24/7.

What to do if you Failed a Drug Test while on Probation?

Schedule a free consultation with me today. It’s always best to be one step ahead of the State in these situations. Getting ahead can sometimes prevent a warrant from issuing. Give me a call at 210-920-1281, and let me get to work for you.

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Probation violations can have serious consequences. If you’ve failed a drug test, picked up a new charge, or violated probation in some other way, you could have an active warrant, and be facing at least 6 months in jail.

I’ve got the experience necessary to get you back on track, and to do it in the most painless way possible for you.

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