Can I get probation for a DWI in Texas?

Yes, however, it is not a guarantee, even for first-time offenders. A number of variables, including the judge, the prosecutor, aggravating factors, criminal history, and the strength (or lack thereof) of the police investigation all aid in determining the outcome. The most important factor by far, however, is the criminal defense attorney. The attorney a person chooses to represent them in court can be, and often is, the difference in a jail sentence or probation — even in the worst of cases. 

Jail sentences can be brutal. In addition to being stripped of one’s liberty, a person in jail is also isolated from friends and family, and in many cases is unable to work, thus negatively impacting their career. 

Probation, while far better than jail, comes with its own set of conditions, prohibitions, and responsibilities. Each individual case may have a slightly different set of requirements to be eligible for a DWI probation and may include: 

  • No prior criminal offenses
  • Drug tests at random times 
  • DWI Education Classes 
  • Community services 
  • Probation Officier Meetings to evaluate your status 
  • DWI fines and court costs 
  • No drug use/alcohol 
  • Ignition interlock system installed to the offender’s vehicle 

How Long Does a Probation Last For? 

Typically, DWI probations in Texas may last 6 months to 24 months depending on a variety of factors and the offender’s individual case.  The consequences of violating DWI probation are severe and may most likely result in jail time. If you have been accused of violating your DWI probation, please call Trey Porter Law immediately.  The sooner we can have a DWI lawyer on your case, the more likely we can help your situation.  

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