New Year’s 2017 Safety Tips

Ring out the old. Ring in the new. Just don’t get arrested while you’re doing it.
New Year’s Eve 2017 is upon us, and this year is going to be an even bigger party because San Antonio is turning 300. The revelers won’t be the only ones out, though.
Bigger party = bigger police presence.
In 2015, for example, between Christmas and New Year’s, the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) Troopers made 466 DWI arrests. So, even though San Antonio is not the most public transport friendly city, there are safe options.
You can pre-plan your travel with Via, Uber, Lyft, or go old-school and cab it. I realize this takes time, isn’t “cool”, and may seem somewhat costly. But it is waaaaaaay cheaper than a DWI. Additionally, your precautions may save a life.

Let’s Review the DWI Basics


  • The legal limit for alcohol is .08. (Be honest with yourself. You’re busting through this before it’s dark on NYE).
  • If you’re over the limit you could potentially face a $2,000.00 fine and up to 6 months in jail (only 2.7 stars on Google).
  • In addition to a fine, you could be required to take classes, perform community service, check in with people and submit to drug tests.
  • More than twice the legal limit? Of course, you were! Double most of what I said.

As you can see, it’s not even close. So plan ahead. Of the 100+ people that will get arrested in San Antonio over the holiday, none of them will have planned on being arrested.
What happens if you ignore all that good advice and get pulled over anyway?
4 Tips for Getting Pulled Over on New Year’s Eve

  1. Pull over quickly and safely, and look good doing it. You’re already on camera.

  3. Have your Driver’s License and insurance card ready.

  5. Don’t give up your rights. Tell the officer that you do not wish to answer ANY questions without counsel present. The officer will be persistent. Stand your ground.
  6. If the officer asks you to get out of the vehicle, get out. BUT you are NOT required to do anything once you’re out. You don’t have to participate in tests, and you don’t have to answer questions.

By refusing to answer questions and perform tests, you are limiting the evidence the officer has to make an arrest decision. You are also limiting the evidence for a jury to consider when deciding your guilt or innocence.
San Antonio DWI Blood Test
If you are arrested for DWI in San Antonio and you refuse both the breath and blood tests, the officer will get a search warrant to take your blood, and if necessary, they will forcefully take it.
What to do if Arrested for DWI in San Antonio?
Call 210-920-1281 immediately upon your release from jail to schedule a free consultation with me. Your court date may be weeks away, but you only have 15 days to contest the suspension of your license.

Available 24/7

This is serious and the stakes are high. I limit the number of clients I take so that I can provide personalized service to each one.
Call or send a text to 210-920-1281 and you’re going to get me. Not a secretary. Not a law clerk. Not some associate attorney you don’t know.
I don’t charge for consultations. The State is working on your conviction. Let’s start building your defense.

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